Teardrop of India

Sri Lanka. Poetically refered as the Teardrop od India. The land of rich culture and the land of tea. There you can find it all; Tropical beaches, rain forrest, safaris, religius sites and tea plantations. 

Must know before travelling to Sri Lanka

If you’re from Europe you can find very good flight connections for a reasonable price. We departed from Croatia, Zagreb

Sri Lanka 10 days itinerary

Sri Lanka is such a beautiful and colourful country so if you want to see the whole country you need at least 30 days.

On the road with personal driver

Travelling with personal driver - that was the best decision we could make on this trip to Sri-Lanka.

7 best things to do in Kandy

Sri Lanka is well known for its spices. It's also the land of my favorite spice: cinnamon.

Paradise on earth

That place definitely needs its own post. That place made our vacation even more magical.


It's very important to me that I have a good accomandation when I'm on my vacation. That's why I always choose hotels that have a special story and special environment.