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On the road with personal driver

Travelling with personal driver - that was the best decision we could make on this trip to Sri-Lanka.

We hired a driver for 5 days. It’s way cheaper than just hiring a driver from the airport to your destination and every time you need it. The cost was 45-50€ per day. It saves you so much time.

Travelling by public transport is way cheaper, you can go to your final destination for 1-2€ but it’s very crowded, dirty and it will take you a lot of time. We were very lucky because we couldn’t wish for the better driver. Our driver was Thilak, he is 60 years old and such a nice person.

He respected our wishes, stopped every time we wanted, he knows so many people and we always got the best nearest parking spot, he walked us to all of the sightseeing entrances.

PS: If you're planning to visit Sri Lanka here's the contact of our driver Thilak: 094777450246; thikakari1959@gmail.com

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