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Must know before travelling to Sri Lanka

If you’re from Europe you can find very good flight connections for a reasonable price. We departed from Croatia, Zagreb, with a connection in Doha, Qatar to Colombo airport. Price: 550€


You’ll need visas. You can get it at the airport, but it’s much easier to apply on the internet. I got mine in 1 hour and it’s valid for 30 days. Price: 30€/pp


When you arrive to Negombo airport you still have to fill up small form. You can find them at the counter and you have to do it before going through immigration to get the visa.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a booked ride to your hotel. We arrived to Negombo at 1.00 am and the airport was fully alive.


You can exchange your money at the airport, but don’t worry about it, you can find a lot of ATM-s in all of the big cities.1€=200,03 Lkr


You can travel the country with public transportation for a few € but it’s very uncomfortable and it will take you hours to arrive to your destination. The busses and trains are very crowded, dirty with no air conditioning. The best way to travel the country is with a personal driver. It will cost you 40-50€/per day and they will advise you where to eat what to see.


Don’t rent a car or scooter. It’s suicidal. The traffic is awful and they drive like crazy.


Don’t plan too much activity for one day. Because of the crowded roads, it will take you hours to arrive to your destination. For 30km we needed 3 hours. If you want to see 


Almost everyone speaks English so don’t worry about getting lost, you will be just fine. People are so nice, and they always helped us when we needed help.

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