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Keep calm and go to Zante

I'm a party girl and adrenaline freak, that's why Zakyntos was the right place for me. I went to

Zakyntos with Collegium travel agency.

All together there were 600 students on this trip so you can imagine how fun it was. We

travelled with ship from Ancona, Italy. It took us around 24 hours. We rent a room on the ship so it wasn't exhausting.

In Zakyntos can choose different types of accommodation: hotel with breakfast, all-inclusive, just apartment... We chose all-inclusive hotel.

Organization of the agency was perfect! Every day, every night there were parties, and day trips. It's simply not possible to be bored on this vacation. They were organizing themed parties so every night was completely different.

Although it was all perfectly planned we decided that we'll rent a quad and explore the beautiful island on our own. That was actually my favorite day. We were exploring the island from sunrise to sunset. We got lost but that's the experience that makes trip unforgettable. We saw small villages, olive plantations, mountains, and take a swim in the sea. I was driving all day and my wrist hurt so bad but anyway, it was totally worth it.

Next day we rent a Jeep and went to Gerekas beach which is known as "turtle beach". We saw 10 turtle nests. After that we went to the city, and explore it a little bit.

If you're social type of person, if you love beautiful sandy beaches and partying 24/7 this trip is literally made for you. Collegium organizes student trip to Zakyntos every September so don't you wait, contact them and ensure your place for this amazing experience.

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