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Between the clouds

Like I mentioned before: Me + adrenaline = pure love

Me and my friends were invited to unforgettable experience. Paraglading. That was always item on top of my bucket list so you can only imagine how excited was I.

How did everything look like?

We met the Impulse Paragliding team in Mozirje. Then we went to Golte, where the parachute flight took place. The more we were getting closer to the top of Golte, the more I was enthusiastic. When we arrived to the top, the guys at first insured us with a helmet and they properly equipped us. Then they explained to us in detail the course of the flight in tandem. You're starting to run down the hill to the full, and when you catch the wind, it takes you to the air. And ... ACTION!

The feeling when you are among the clouds, hundreds of meters above the earth, is invaluable. And the view, ohh the view. Our planet is wonderful.

Do you have any concerns? Do not worry.

The Impulse Paragliding team has years and years of experience, the guys are great, professional and very friendly.

A crazy experience! I would recommend it to everyone. It's also a great activity to make your weekend fun, special and unforgettable.

You can see how everything looked like in promo video we made. Yes, you can see how excited was I even in the video.


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