Explore Slovenia With Me

Get ready to explore Slovenia with me. Every weekend from April on I'll be in different city, hotel, spa, making the weekend getaway posts with tips, ideas about hotels and itinerary with the best recommendation for all of you.

Slovenia is a small green European country between the Alps and Mediterranean, where you can find everything.  Mountains, caves, lakes, rivers, sea, castles and beautiful cities. 

Kulinarično razvajanje

SelectBox X Vila Herberstein

Valentinovo je zame nekaj posebnega, zato vsako leto raziskujem in odkrivam različne ideje, nove restavracije...

Mesec Ljubezni


Bliža se dan ljubezni, dan ko se posvetimo svojim boljšim polovicam. Hmm potrebno bo izbrati darilo...

Kaj sledi? Panika! Zmeraj sem lovila zadnje minute pri iskanju Valentinovega darila, saj sem bila vedno brez idej....

Between the clouds

Me and my friends were invited to unforgettable experience. Paraglading. That was always item on top of my bucket list so you can only imagine how excited was I.

How to choose the right hotel

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